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Corgan gives interview on Rush, punk, marketing, and next EP (!?) 4:57 pm // Saturday, July 3, 2010

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Billy Corgan’s pre-tour media blitz continues as Jeff Niesel of snarky urban weekly Cleveland Scene has posted a new interview with the Smashing Pumpkins frontman. Niesel explores genre, labeling the band “post-punk/goth/metal” and asking Corgan if the band had “punk rock roots.” Corgan’s response:

None of us were really into punk rock. I loved punk music, but I wasn’t a fan in the sense that it influenced my writing. I grew up [with] a musician dad who was very critical of bands that couldn’t play their instruments. And part of what punk was about was that you don’t have to play well; you just have to feel right. I saw Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, and DOA. I loved them and thought they were great. But they never influenced me. There was a moment in time with Nirvana and Green Day when punk came into the mainstream. Everyone pretended to be into punk. But I didn’t want to pretend I was into the Clash because I wasn’t.

Corgan also talks more about the band Rush — specifically crediting Neil Peart’s lyrics as an influence — and he revisits the Zeitgeist marketing controversy.  Perhaps most intriguingly, Corgan may have suggested that the second batch of songs from Teargarden by Kaleidyscope will not be released in the same manner as was the first:

[Cleveland Scene:] Do you really intend to release some 44 songs?

[Billy Corgan:] Yeah. I have more songs written, which is just absurd. The nice thing is that as I get some distance from them, I then realize which ones aren’t that great. The next EP comes out the day of the Cleveland show. I have four more songs ready to go and we’ll try to record some more in September and try to keep outrunning the train.

Photos, Video from Walk of Fame Ceremony honoring Rush 9:22 am // Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Photos from last Friday’s ceremony to induct Rush into the Hollywood Walk of Fame are now up on Daylife.com, courtesy Reuters. Billy Corgan was on hand to deliver a giddy introduction for the 2,412th star to line the Boulevard, and he humorously admits that “Cherub Rock” is torn straight from the pages of his Rush-addled youth.

Check out the video below and head on over to Daylife for more photos!

Pumpkins’ pre-show sets for “first 20 or so people in line” 5:55 pm // Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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So says Billy Corgan, in a pair of tweets this evening:

Here is some SP news…first 20 or so people in line at each up-coming shows get to come in for the souncheck pre-show set. All new songs!

New songs meaning songs recently written with the band + not yet recorded.With maybe an oldie for fun.We’ll play probably for a half hour.

Corgan also noted that he will be continuing his advocacy for the band Rush on Friday when its members receive a star in the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

UPDATE: In additional tweets, Corgan says that longtime Chicago glam rockers Kill Hannah will tour in support of the Smashing Pumpkins along with Bad City, and that the next Teargarden by Kaleidyscope song “will definitely be out for the tour.”

“This song is based on the literature of [Rand].” 7:59 pm // Friday, June 18, 2010

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Wired.com describes a segment of the Rush documentary “Beyond the Lighted Stage”:

Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins tells how he sat his mother down and played her “Entre Nous,” giving her the album jacket to read along with in hopes she would better understand his connection to the music.

Below: A scene deleted from the movie “Almost Famous” (YouTube)

Tribeca Film Festival to premiere new Rush documentary which features interview with Billy Corgan 10:14 am // Friday, April 23, 2010

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As the Tribeca Film Festival kicks off this week in NYC, we’ve learned (thanks, Monte!) that the new Rush documentary, RUSH: Beyond the Lighted Stage, features interviews with a whole host of music personalities, including Billy Corgan, Gene Simmons, Sebastian Bach, Kirk Hammett, Jack Black, and more.

After the red carpet premiere tomorrow, there will be four screenings of the film, which are listed on the festival website. General admission or rush tickets (pun intended?) are still available. After Tribeca concludes, the film will go to Toronto for the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival from April 29 – May 9. And then, on June 26th, the film will make its television debut on VH1 and VH1 Classic.

For more, check out this review of the film.

WeAreNotAlone.org 9:26 pm // Monday, February 16, 2009

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(12:36 AM) jjb: funny story
(12:36 AM) jjb: i haven’t decided whether to blog this
(12:36 AM) jjb: i may save it for an empty day
(12:37 AM) jjb: on my last big roadtrip i saw a bumper sticker that said
(12:37 AM) jjb: RUSH IS A BAND
(12:37 AM) jjb: RushIsABand.com
(12:37 AM) jillysp: hahaha
(12:37 AM) jjb: i wrote it down
(12:37 AM) jjb: turns out
(12:37 AM) jjb: the site is a Rush fan blog
(12:37 AM) jjb: isn’t that weird?
(12:37 AM) jjb: they do pretty much exactly what we do
(12:38 AM) jjb: actually
(12:38 AM) jjb: i could post this IM
(12:38 AM) jjb: on the empty day
(12:38 AM) jillysp: that’s pretty awesome


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