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Will Corgan break entirely from “the biggest manager in the world”? 3:06 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

Posted by jjb in business, news.

Who’s above us? Who’s lighting the culture on fire? Nobody. We don’t have to live in that world. We have the biggest manager in the world. He tells us we can get there, we will get there. We will crack the egg like we did in ’92, without doing something embarrassing like working with Timbaland. We will find how to do our thing and make it work. I can write songs. We’re big boys. We’ll do it.

—Billy Corgan, December 2008

Today, Billy Corgan and his Smashing Pumpkins are searching for new directions to the top: The band is ending its five-year relationship with Azoff, Geary, Paul (AGP) Management, which is a division of Front Line Management Group, a company under the umbrella of Live Nation Entertainment.

Irving Azoff, the “biggest manager” to which Corgan referred in 2008, is currently executive chairman of Live Nation—and Front Line is a broader entity than just AGP. We’ll have to see whether Corgan is considering other options within Front Line or if he wants a fresh start elsewhere.


1. tweedledum - 3:23 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

In the 5 years what has this Azoff done for Billy and SP? 5 years! Is his hired guns doing the work for The Pumpkins or him directly? Seems like Kerry Brown has really busted his ass off and some fans that I won’t name :P

2. scott chambers (@scottythe1nonly) - 3:52 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

livenation will still get their cut either way. you can’t book a tour anymore without them

3. tweedledum - 4:44 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

and Billy went to congress in support of this live nation amiright? #chaosbleeds

4. patj825 - 5:22 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

I hope they find management that’s as passionate as they are.

5. Jonk - 7:50 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh dang did Billy really just throw a diss towards Chris Cornell there. It wasn’t a classic album but the album version of ‘Long Gone’ and ‘Climbing Up the Walls’ were awesome

6. Here is why - 8:14 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

@Jonk he clearly threw a diss toward Chris. Back then “Scream” was being recorded and the collaboration between Cornell and Timbaland let a lot of old fans speechless. Me included.

I gotta go with Billy here, not a wise move from Chris. I love him however.

7. gyang333 - 9:14 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

Well, Jared Paul helped them push GLOW to Guitar Hero, FOL to Hyundai, and even maybe The Beginning is the End is the Beginning to the Watchmen trailer? Since then though, I think Billy’s been taking a more involved role with managing the band because at the beginning of this tour, I think he said in an interview that they no longer have any management. I wasn’t sure at the time he was referring to his agents though (Azoff and Paul).

8. Just_Erick - 11:34 pm // Monday, November 14, 2011

@Gyang not true, Paul only helped push them being on the soundtrack for Incredible Hulk, and the deal with Guitar Hero, the music video and official release of Glow was all Billy’s idea because the song was surprise “semi-“hit. Paul had a huge part in the come back tour in 07 but that was his biggest helping factor. The Watchmen trailer again had nothing to do with Billy or Paul, Warner Bro’s owns the rights to the Batman soundtrack (not to mention Zeitgeist, Future Embrace and Zwan) thus them using the song.

Billy and Kerry have been busting there asses harder than anyone else period. I think Billy moving on is smart and he clearly has big plans for the band and the future of TGbK.

9. Sean - 3:58 am // Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BC seems too involved with the business end (heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him selling albums out of the trunk of the tour bus). He’s an artist w/o a marketing background; he should let professionals do their jobs, whether its managers or publicists or record store clerks. If they don’t produce reasonable results in a reasonable amount of time – fire them, replace them.

Always remember, terrible music is sold every day. Not because everyone has bad taste (though thats certainly a factor) but because those artists have the right people in the right positions promoting them. If Billy wants a hit album, he needs to cut himself off from the business side, hire a competent team that has his best interests at heart, and maintain complete focus on the artistic end…and stop accepting advice from whoever told him the ‘Owata’ video was a good idea – it’s like the opening 15 minutes to a porno that you skip past because theres no sex in it.

10. Sean - 4:01 am // Tuesday, November 15, 2011

…and I’m pretty sure Chris Cornell agrees that Timbaland was the embarrassing low point of his career

11. Spumkins33 - 10:13 am // Tuesday, November 15, 2011

@Sean – experience ALWAYS trumps education, just saying…

12. melanie - 12:15 pm // Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“it’s like the opening 15 minutes to a porno that you skip past because theres no sex in it.”

Metaphor of the year, hands down.

13. Jonk - 8:27 pm // Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I liked the video. To me it was the love letter to the love of doing it no matter at what level you are at, no matter how painful it is

14. Matt - 1:18 am // Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is old news. Didn’t they part ways before the teargarden debacle?

15. Sean - 3:49 am // Wednesday, November 16, 2011

@Spumkin33 I agree 100%. However, I said ‘backround’, not ‘degree’ – neither of which BC has in the marketing realm.

@Melanie Thank you, though it might technically be a simile

@Jonk I get it, except that’s like giving your mother a dead rodent for her birthday and saying it (somehow) represents how much you appreciate her.

Here’s food for thought: SP built their fanbase in large part thanks to their 90’s music videos. Now in the age of ‘Viral Youtube Videos’ why aren’t more fans trying to promote SP’s new music?

16. Audi - 5:19 am // Thursday, November 17, 2011

“Now in the age of ‘Viral Youtube Videos’ why aren’t more fans trying to promote SP’s new music?” – fair comment, however in order for a video to go viral, it needs to be either really bad or bizarre (e.g. ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black), or truly amazing (can’t think of an example lol).

Weirdly enough, I feel that SP will possibly get back on the more mainstream cultural radar through Billy’s exposure through wrestling etc. He mentioned in an article I was just reading on HU that they are hoping for a Resistance Pro reality tv show. If this were to go ahead, and the show was a success, he would be more prominent in mainstream media and therefore SP might be too. I’m just thinking about how popular UFC is, even I watch it (often under duress!)…

Sometimes these days artists need to work through cross promotion, particularly if they want to reach a new audience and change their public perception – SP as a band and ‘brand’ are somewhat tarnished with their past, and no matter what they do an awful lot of people will always view them in certain ways, often negatively. A new approach through a different channel might help to change people’s perceptions about the band, and also about Billy as a person. While people’s perceptions shouldn’t matter one bit, they kind of do.

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18. Sean - 4:18 pm // Friday, November 18, 2011

@Audi yeah I can’t think of one either lol. I mean the good ones just tend to be cute like the 3 year old getting his finger bit by his infant brother, or like a cat fighting a turtle. Still, I think a cool fan-made music video for youtube can certainly give them good exposure, lord knows they need help in that department.

Wrestling is a joke. UFC on the other hand IS something he should try to connect with.

The problem with the reality show idea is that everyone does them. Personally, I detest them all, it’s cheap, uninspired entertainment that has no retention value.

*sigh* If BC’s publicist were worth a dime, they’d tell him to stop ALIENATING his fanbase with these stupid, childish remarks (which leads me to think he doesn’t have one).

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