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HU’s Favorite Lists of Music Lists 2009 11:46 am // Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Posted by jjb in amusing, listmaking.

If you were worried that we of Hipsters United would neglect our music-blogging duty to wrap up the year that was 2009, return your mind to ease.  We have again scoured the Internet for the very best lists of music lists, and here are our favorites in three categories:

Most comprehensive: Largehearted Boy’s 2009 Year-End Online Music Lists

With nary a real challenger for this title, the Boy has for the fourth time indexed literally thousands of these precious, precious lists.  Judging from the “A-C” subsections from 2009 and 2008, each of which contain about 500 links, he appears to have found about as many this year as last.  (Is our music blogosphere dying?!)

Most faithful: Rank ’em

However deeply you believe in music lists, the founders of Rank ’em probably have you beat.  On a budget of $2,342, they “hope to accelerate music discovery by helping sort through the catalogues of every musical artist of all-time.” Rank ’em believes it can do this by quantifying the opinions of grandstanding fans: “When we put your favorites together with everyone else’s favorites, we believe the catalogues will become sorted from best to worst material.” Remember, kids — if you see your favorites near the bottom, you like the worst material!

Worst explanation of a #1 pick: The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog’s Lists of Lists: The Best and Worst Music Lists of 2009

Doing a list of lists is so cheeky that some list-of-listmakers can’t just get on with it.  Here’s the staff of the Wall Street Journal trying to kick off its effort:

1) Largehearted Boy: The best music list we saw in 2009 was this music blog’s aggregation of other lists. By putting it atop our list, we’ve created a list of lists of lists that M.C. Escher would love.

NO, YOU HAVEN’T.  You have included one list of lists as an item in your list of lists, whereas all the items on a list of lists of lists would be lists of lists. Obviously. Sheesh.


1. sean - 3:22 pm // Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We’re getting into LISP territory here.

(((a b c d)(e f g)) (h i j k) (l m n o p) (q r s) (t u v) (w x ) (y and z ))

It’s the list of the list of the list of a, b, c and d and the list of e, f and g; the list of h, i, j and k; the list of l, m, n, o and p; the list of q, r and s; the list of t, u and v; the list of w and x; and the list of y, and and z.

2. chris - 3:31 pm // Wednesday, January 6, 2010

@sean: I had to deal with that stuff in school, and it was bad enough. I certainly don’t want to see it here :)

3. hm - 12:20 am // Thursday, January 7, 2010

can someone comment on when the trojan problem is going to get fixed? if you don’t know how, this is a good guide:


4. jjb - 12:29 am // Thursday, January 7, 2010

I can tell you we are still actively working on it, but I don’t know when we will have it fixed. I am very sorry for the problems it has caused.

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