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Happenings on the B.L.O.G. Roll 5:39 pm // Thursday, January 15, 2009

Posted by jjb in amusing, blogging, hipster runoff, idolator, neil young, websites.
  • Idolator praises a blog called “Hipster Runoff” as said blog “discusses” the blog-driven “popularity” of Animal Collective.  “Blog, blog.”
  • Largehearted Boy points to an eight-year-old NPR post that links to five videos of Bruce Springsteen performing “Born to Run”.  NPR wrote: “Over the years, Springsteen has changed ‘Born to Run’ from a full-blown rock song to a haunting ballad,” as if that might be acceptable or praiseworthy behavior.  Of course, that was written in 2000 about an artist who became successful in the 1970s…
  • I think Billy said something on If All Goes Wrong about how he may end up where Neil Young (or any older artist) is.  Consequence of Sound says that, right now, Neil is in a funny place.


1. melabonbon - 7:53 pm // Thursday, January 15, 2009

About 3 years ago I checked out Animal Collective because I read an interview with Ade Blackburn of Clinic (one of my favorite bands) in which he listed one of their records on a list of records he recommended. I gave them a try but every time I was getting into a song they would start hooping and hollering and making animal noises and making a perfectly good song unlistenable. I found once again that I don’t like a lot of the music one of my favorite artists enjoys, which is really odd to me, especially how frequently that seems to be the case.
Then all this past year, all the hipster kids are peeing their pants over them and there are fights on ateaseweb, a popular Radiohead site, about whether or not Animal Collective are crap.

2. mikeyfridgebuzz - 9:07 am // Friday, January 16, 2009

some sweet air guitar in that Neil Young vid. LOL

3. jjb - 2:20 am // Monday, January 19, 2009

For the record, it was totally worth blogging about HRO — and it says everything that Carles has never once mentioned Corgan or SP (all the hits are commenters).

rC: “retold 6-4”

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